December 21, 2009

Commit Update: Fowler set for UA

Jalston Fowler
Position: Fullback. Position Ranking: 2nd-ranked fullback.
Commitment Date: 2/14/2009.
Recruited By: James Willis.

Present Height and Weight?: "I'm still at 6-foot, 240 pounds which has always been my playing weight. I like being on the bigger side because it gives me that power to run over guys once I get moving downhill but I may slim down a little once I get to Alabama to help me add some speed."

On his future jersey number at Alabama: "I've always worn 7 but I know there is somebody wearing it now. I'll probably just wait and see what they give me."

On sitting out last season at Vigor High School: "It was really tough. I know it was the fair thing because I was out of eligibility but to go from being a playmaker on the team and winning state to having to sit on the sidelines and watch was difficult for me. I wanted to do everything I could to help so I just tried to keep all the guys focused. Hopefully I learned a little bit about how to be a leader from all this."

On his interest in other sports: "I used to play basketball up until high school. Once I really got into football and realized how much I loved it, I really haven't spent much time with any other sports since then."

On what he does in his spare time: "I'm a pretty laid back guy. I mostly just stay at home and watch TV. My favorites are Family Guy and South Park and I always watch Monday Night Football too."

On who his roommate will be: "I'm pretty sure it will be Demarcus Milliner. We know each other pretty well at this point and we're pretty good friends. He's a cool guy and I think he's pretty laid back like me as well so we ought to get along pretty well as roommates."

On what he plans to study at UA: "I'm really interested in computers and technology so definitely something in that area."

On why he chose Alabama: "I grew up an Alabama fan so I had always dreamed of playing there one day. It just kind of worked out that they were one of the first schools to offer me and they always believed in me from the very beginning. That meant a lot and it really made my decision easy for me."

On working alongside Heisman Trophy-winner Mark Ingram: "I think it's a great honor for me that I'll get to be in the same unit as a guy like that. He's in the history books. As young as he is, he's going to be known as one of the greatest backs ever at Alabama and I can't wait to get a chance to work with him everyday. Hopefully I can learn a lot from him."

On his chances of playing as a freshman: "It's a really talented group of guys Alabama has at running back but I think I can get some snaps because I play a different role and because I can do a little of everything. I can run, catch and block. I have speed and I have power too. I think I can definitely play a part and earn my way onto the field this year if I work hard. I've got a great opportunity this spring and I just need to rise to the occasion."

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