May 25, 2010

Moore lending a hand with recruiting

JEFFERSON - Much has been made about quarterback Christian LeMay making his pitch to fellow recruits, trying to convince them to join him as commitments to Georgia.

He's not the only one.

Griffin safety Corey Moore - the first player to commit to the Bulldogs' 2011 class - is putting on his recruiting cap as well.

"I'm talking to a lot of people, Gabe Wright, Xzavier Dickson, James Vaughters, Damian Swann … I talk to him just about every day. We've become real good friends," Moore said. "He (Swann) likes Georgia a lot. He's got a lot of offers, but right now says Georgia is at the top for him."

Moore has also spent time chatting with Carver running back Isaiah Crowell.

During the recent state track championships, Moore said he got to spend some quiet face time with the player many consider arguably the state's top player.

"I'm trying to get him down, I'm trying to get them all to come down," Moore said. "I tell him everybody knows he's been a Georgia fan all his life, so he just needs to stay in Georgia."

Crowell, who has been very guarded with his comments to the media, apparently isn't telling friends like Moore much, either. However, Moore said the running back has not made up his mind.

"Yeah, he's a quiet dude," Moore said. "But I know he likes Georgia a lot. He's got them in his top five."

Moore and LeMay will get to combine their efforts later this summer - literally.

According to Moore, the North Carolina quarterback will be spending time together with him this summer, just hanging out and perhaps making a few recruiting calls.

In the meantime, Moore said he also stays in contact with future position coach Scott Lakatos.

"We talk about staying firm, being a team player and finishing the drill," Moore said. "He's a real good defensive backs coach. He's big on fundamentals, he's all about business but he's also a nice dude. He's going to be the perfect coach for me at Georgia."

Although Moore's commitment to Georgia is as solid as one can get, that hasn't stopped other schools from trying to get their foot in the door.

Moore said he's up to over 30 offers from schools, although his answer to them remains the same - thanks, but no thanks.

"All my hard work has paid off in the end," Moore said. "I never thought any of this would happen to me."

Now, Moore feels the least he can do is help Bulldog coaches convince the state's top recruits that Georgia is the place to be.

"They (coaches) talked to me about the Dream Team when I first committed, although at first I wasn't sure what that meant," Moore said. "They said they were starting a Dream Team, it was beginning with me, that they wanted to make it happen and I could be a part of that success. They wanted me to help start recruiting, so that's what I've been trying to do."

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