March 10, 2009

Finch drawing major interest

The running back depth of the west coast class of 2010 has been mentioned numerous times. Florida will also produce a number of D-1 runners for the class, and one of the best of the group is Roy Finch out of Niceville, Florida. Duck Sports Authority caught up with Finch and got an update on his recruitment.

2008 was the first year Roy Finch played for Niceville high school. Coming from a military family, Finch moved to Niceville for his junior season and immediately caught on with the program.

"This season I had 1296 rushing yards, 300 receiving yards, and 450 return yards. I scored 22 touchdowns."

Having traveled around the world, Finch isn't as attached geographically as most high school players. He holds the Pac-10 in high esteem.

"I feel the Pac 10 is a very strong conference, and they were the only conference to win all of its bowl games this year. When they go against top talents in other conferences the Pac 10 school usually comes out on top."

Not surprisingly, most of the interest in Finch has come from the southwest which is most familiar with his skills.

"I have been offered written starships from Alabama, Oklahoma, Tennessee, Ole Miss and Stanford. Florida has been keeping in touch with me and I believe they will offer me a scholarship in the near future."

Finch has been hearing from the Ducks.

"Oregon has sent me a lot of mail, I do not know what coach has been recruiting me I have not called them. Oregon said they are interested in me but they have not offered me a written scholarship."

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