Butch v. Tommy - Week 10

Butch and Tommy had an up-and-down week as first Tommy looked like he was going to take control then Butch looked like he was going to assume command and in the end, it was merely a lot of posturing as both Butch and Tommy wound up in exactly the same place as they began - at the end of the driveway. Oh, you were not talking about our test drive of the Wienermobile? Well, it was the same result in BvT, with Butch holding a one-game overall lead on Tommy and a slightly prettier overall record. Both Butch and Tommy were flummoxed by the Nikes, who got up late from partying on Friday and did not bother showing up until the second half of their game with Wazzu then the Fighting Tedfords decided they would not show up for either half of their game with UCLA and instead, would just hand the ball over to the Bru-jobs on numerous occasions. That gave Tommy a lead until the Ootes throttled Riley's Rodents for their first Pac-12 win [as Butch predicted]. Butch then got lucky [he admits it] as the Trees looked on their way to winning against Tommy's boys but were unlikely to cover until….a bolt of lightning from above from the college football gods…and one of Tommy's boys fumbled into the end zone in triple overtime to not only lose the game but also hand Butch a BvT victory. Butch nearly extended that to a two-game lead as Arizona held a three-point lead in the fourth quarter of their game against the Hussies but the Team Formerly Known As The Spittle Spewin' Stoops were unable to hold off the Hussies and Tommy sneaked in the back door with his customary .500 record and a tie for the week. Congratulations Tommy, you must be so proud.
Tommy: PUSH! All of that hard work of thinking, nogging, writing for a PUSH! Such is life for Tom and Butch in a contest that is just about dead even. Butch loves to talk about all of the what might have beens over the course of the season. How about Lane Kiffin spitting the bit and the end of the Stanford game by allowing the clock to run out when you have two timeouts? That would have given Tommy the win for the week and the lead. Even a loss in one of the first two OTs would have been enough, or a TD and a missed two point conversion. Such is life and the bounce of the oblong pigskin. So ol' Tom moves on with more nog and picks.
Butch: No doubt about it Tommy, that was a pure luck win for Butch. Or….maybe karma, eh? Cheaters never prosper….
USC (-21.5) at Colorado
Tommy: Kiffin isn't the greatest coach in the world, but Tom's pretty sure he can slap Jon Embree around. Then again, Tommy's grade school JV team could slap around Embree. Good Guys-45, BAAAAAAD Guys-20.
Butch: What!?! You are conceding 20 points to the 4/20's, Tommy. Cripes, they are gonna have the munchies and everything before the game and besides, Wazzu allowed 27 points and their defense is much worse than your boys. Butch also selects Tommy's boys to win and cover but will be astounded if the 4/20's score 20 points.
Stanford (-21) at Oregon State
Tommy: Tommy can't figure out the Beavs. They're nutty. So he'll just stick to the Trees being 8-0 against the spread and leave it there. Should Have Lost To SC...Again-49, Typical Inconsistent Beavs-20.
Butch: Here, let Butch give you a hand with that big Rodent Dilemma, Tommy. Due to youth, injuries, swarms of locusts, etc. they are a youthful team who performs in a Dr. Jekyll-and-Mr. Hyde [he was the bad one] manner. To wit: win over Wazzu - the Doctor is in! loss to Utah - Hyde! Dadgummit. How did you get in here!? It has gone like that most of the season. This week is a Doctor week but Riley's Rodents have the misfortune of facing the Trees so even though these types of Rodents usually win battles with Trees…not this week. They will give a Doctor-like effort but the Trees are too much bark for their bite. Butch selects the Trees to win and cover.
Wazzu at California (-9.5)
Tommy: Uh, the Cougs just covered against the Ducks, and they're nine and a half point dogs to a team that just got blitzed by...a team that's coached by Rick Neuweasel? Uh, no. Not Bowling, But Better Than Cal-24, We've Only Beaten Utah In Conference-23.
Butch: Shouldn't that last sentence say "We've only beaten Utah in conference and I didn't predict that game correctly either"? Butch thinks it should. Ever hear of turnovers, Tommy? Wait, Butch thinks we saw one in triple overtime the other day in L.A….Tommy, Tommy, Tommy - Butch is not necessarily extolling the virtues of the Fighting Tedfords' defense nor the decision of Chipstick Kelly not to start Bryan Bennett at quarterback against the Cougars, but the way Butch sees it, the Fighting Tedfords will win and Wazzu will cover.
Utah at Arizona (-3.5)
Tommy: The Two Utes Are 0-2 on the road in conference, including a 24 point loss to...Cal?! On their way to 1-5 in conference, and not covering. Really Relieved At Not Being Spit On By Angry Mike In Practice-38, Well, Basketball's Starting...Oh Wait, We're Going To Get Murdered Then Too-28.
Butch: Hey, Butch remembers that game too - that is the one you missed predicting correctly [unlike Butch]. The Ootes were lucky they were playing the Hyde version of Riley's Rodents last week, this week they get Tim Kish's sunshine and lollipops shoved up their…well, you know. Butch also selects Arizona to win and cover.
Arizona State (-9) at UCLA
Tommy: The Bruins are rejuvenated! They're going to take the conference by storm...or not. The Bruins have beaten WSU, OSU, and Cal in conference, and were blown out in their conference losses. Get ready for another conference loss.
Clinching The South Means...Time For A Drink For Dennis-45, The Death March Continues-17.
Butch: Turnovers, Tommy - remember? - that is why the Bru-jobs beat the Fighting Tedfords last week. This week - unless Sporky decides to also gift the Bru-jobs with more turnovers - it will be akin to what it should have been last week - a blowout. Butch does not trust Sporky but takes Sporky to win and cover.
Oregon (-16.5) at Washington
Tommy: Butch's Huskies haven't been within 20 points of the Ducks in five years. The Huskies are better this year, but Tommy doesn't think this is the year for a close games with a team that just doesn't play defense. Uh, They're Better Than Stanford-52, Sark Can Coach Though-30.
Butch: The former cheater can coach, eh? Who are the Hussies' wins against? Do not worry, Tommy, Butch has it - Eastern Washington [1AA], Hawai'i [lame], Cal [barely beat 'em], Colorado [Embree], Utah [shrub QB] and Arizona [half-decent…now] - a real Murderer's Row to coach against, yep. It is this kind of observation that keeps you in .500 Land, Thomas. The Hussies will play for the last time in Hussy Stadium - pause for laugh track to kick in - a fact Thomas may have overlooked as a motivating factor. This will probably be a Personal-foulaPalooza but in between the penalties, there will be some emotional football played and when emotions get involved, it gets stupid. Butch expects the Hussies to play close enough to cover but lose the game to the Nikes.
Last Week: 3-3
Overall: 30-26-1
Last Week: 3-3
Overall: 31-25-1
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