Butch v. Tommy - Week 12

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Butch and Tommy entered Week 11 all tied up and, well, let us just say that Tommy had a bad week - and that is putting it mildly. Remember when Herman Munster would walk around Mockingbird Heights thinking everything was normal and people would see him, shriek in abject terror and quickly run away in the other direction? [Usually in fast motion and after their hats and shoes had flown off their bodies…] Well, Tommy's week was worse than that. It all started out badly for Tommy when he picked Arizona to win and cover against Colorado on Senior Day in Boulder [that should have been a tipoff right there]. Butch cannot blame him for going against Colorado, [though he should have seen the Senior thing coming] but Thomas has no excuse for not picking his boys of Troy to cover against the Hussies after the Hussies had clearly used up all the bottle of mojo the prior week against the Nikes. So Tommy began the week missing the first two games before finally correctly picking the Ootes to win and cover against UCLA in a game he readily admitted that he had no clue how it was going to turn out. So - pure luck got Tommy his only win last week. After that, it was all downhill for Tommy as he lost all the remaining games to fall back to his usual residence in .500 Land. But as if all that was not bad enough, the Wedgies - Tommy's youth football team - then opened a salt shaker and poured salt into his wounds with their 6-0 loss in the Championship of the World last week. Like Butch said, it was a bad week for Thomas.
Tommy: Well, Tommy screwed the pooch big time last weekend. Not only did the beloved Wedgies lose a heartbreaking 6-0 game in the championship, but Tommy laid off the nog to be at his best for the game, and it messed up the Skirted One's picks. Now it's scrambling comeback time. Here's hoping Butch has mercy on ol' Tom after the disappointing loss and tanks it this week.
Butch: Butch feels bad about the Wedgies - he really wanted them to win the Championship of the World for Tommy - but that is where the mercy ends. Tommy went against his own boys when they were favored [against the Hussies, no less] and that created a whole bunch of bad karma and makes good nog taste funny.
Washington (-2) at Oregon State
Tommy: Tommy doesn't care who is QB this week for Butch's Huskies. Picking the Beav to win anything is simply self-flagellation, so Tom will put down the whip and stop beating himself. They'll Crack 17 This Week-28, Mike Riley Needs A Change Of Scenery-13.
Butch: Since you missed badly on the Hussies last week, Butch decided to test you on the Hussies' game this week and Tommy has passed the test! Even though it is a Jekyll Week for Riley's Rodents, they will eventually run out of rodent steam just like they did against the Trees and so Butch also selects the Hussies to win and cover.
Utah (-3.5) at Wazzu
Tommy: The Two Utes have found their stride, so no back to back upsets for Butch. They Couldn't Win The South...Could They?-28, Should Wulff Stay Or Should He Go?-21.
Butch: If the Utes are not turning the ball over - and they have not done so on offense in the past three games - they are a good team [mostly due to their defense]. If the Ootes do not turn the ball over, the Ootes win. Butch also selects the Ootes to win and cover and make it four straight as they try to represent the South in the Pac-12 title game [a much better matchup than ASU-Oregon].
Colorado at UCLA (-11)
Tommy: Wow, what to choose? The Buffs have been scary bad on the road this season, while the Bruins are undefeated in Pac-12 play at home. Besides, the Bruins control their own destiny and could be playing for a Pac-12 title. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! OK, Tommy's done laughing and picks the bRuins to cover. Two More Games Till a Neu Coach-35, Two More Seasons Till A New Coach-23.
Butch: Tommy got burned on his Embree Tiki God doll last week but he is not changing his tune while Butch likes the 14 points this line opened at better than 11. Much better. With the smaller line, Butch selects the Bru-jobs to win and cover.
USC at Oregon (-14.5)
Tommy: Has anyone seen the last two Oregon-SC games, and even the last two Oregon-Stanford games. The Trojans have been an improved football team this year, but not enough to slow down the Feathered Juggernaut from Rainy Land. Evil Corporate Overlords-54, Good Guys-30.
Butch: Going against your boys again, eh Tommy? Well, at least they are not favored in this one. Tommy's boys can stay within 17 of the Nikes, Butch knows they can - but 14 is cutting it a little too close for Butch's shave and so Butch will agree with Tommy that the Nikes will win and cover this spread.
Arizona at Arizona State (-11)
Tommy: A rivalry game to wet your whistle. This game has historically been close when one team is a heavy favorite, and although the Cats have been bad lately, the same can be said for the Cougs, who rolled mighty Dennis. Drunks win, Cats cover. Backing In To A Beating In Eugene-28, Is It Over Yet?-20.
Butch: Not only is Arizona going to cover while Sporky is busy imploding, but they might even win - Utah will surely be watching this game. Butch selects the Team Formerly Known As The Spittle Spewin' Stoops to cover.
California at Stanford (-17.5)
Tommy: I'm sure Andrew Luck, whose hopes and dreams were tragically destroyed at the hands of the Sweat Shop Owners, will be ready to dole out a beating to the Bad News Bears this week. Two straight wins over the doldrums of the conference don't make Tommy a believer. Smart, But Not Elite-42, Off To A Third Tier Bowl, A Tedford Tradition-17.
Butch: Rivalry games are rarely double-digit affairs when both teams are going to a bowl game and that is too many points to give the Fighting Tedfords with the good defense they have. Butch goes with the Fighting Tedfords to cover.
Last Week: 1-5
Overall: 34-34-1
Last Week: 4-2
Overall: 37-31-1
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