Butch v. Tommy - Week 12

It was not exactly a pristine display of prognosticating as both Butch and Tommy combined to produce one correct collegiate Pac-10 football game picked last week and - wonder of wonders - it was actually Tommy picking his boys of Troy to win a game for once. Other than that miracle of misery, Butch and Tommy missed every game last week. That fabulous feat accomplished two things - it all but secured that Tommy would not - once again - clear his fabled .500 Tommy line for the year and it most likely gave Thomas the wide advantage he needs to stave off any late desperate forays by Butch. Thomas currently holds a five-game lead with only 10 games remaining on the schedule. Tommy would have to chug about seven cartons of nog, miss the bus to oblivion AND trip on a school of Swedish fish to blow that kind of lead. True, with Tommy's 2-7 record the past two weeks - this is not an impossible task for him to pull off - but it does fall dangerously close to the unlikely realm. Butch realizes and his busy preparing the fruitcake trophy for his concession speech, just in case.
Tommy: Well, normally Tommy wouldn't be happy with a 1-3 week, but a 1-3 week where you gain a game is a beautiful thing thanks to Butchie's donut. Now I know what it feels like to be a Bruin fan, when you can excuse your own latent failures as long as you beat your rival. Tommy and the Bruins really do live pathetic and embarrassing existences, but at least Tommy roots for a winning team. On that note, let's discuss Los Ruins....
Butch: When the hole you are in is 10 feet deep and celebrations begin for being "only" nine feet deep, you know there is only one place to go. Yes, the liquor store.
UCLA at Washington (-2.5)
Tommy: Tommy's head is telling him that the You See El Eh is gonna win this game because they are currently playing better football than the Huskies. But Tommy is gonna hitch a ride on the return of King Jake, who is going to be the most hyped player in the history of college football who never went to a bowl game. Enjoy another loss, Ruins! Awfully Bad-31, Even Worse-28.
Butch: Butch promised not to take the Hussies ever again in 2010…but that was before he saw UCLA play Oregon State before Oregon State played Wazzu last week. Now it is all clear - UCLA was never as good as they seemed and Riley's Rodents are not as good they appeared to be in the rear view mirror. So Butch will…must….resist…temptation…plug his nose and reluctantly agree with Thomas…and take….sigh…the Hussies to win and cover.
Stanford (-6.5) at California
Tommy: Well, Tommy is not going to go against the Bears at home again this year, where they are 4-0 against the spread, and where the mighty Duckies needed a stray two point conversion to win. Besides, believe it or not, Jeff Tedford has had Jim Harbaugh's number of late. I'm going to say that a Trees team which is flirting with a BCS bowl game is going to find a way to pull it out, but Los Osos cover. On The Way To Eleven Wins-24, The King Of Seven And Eight Win Seasons-21.
Butch: Wrong, wrong, wrong, Tommy. Why? Because of some inexplicable heretofore unseen circumstance that will make itself plainly known after the game, that's why! It is the Big Game and strange things have been known to occur in Berkeley to the Trees. But not this year - unless Harbaugh decides to tell Anthony Wilkerson to sit this one out too - Butch takes the Trees to win and cover.
USC (-3) at Oregon State
Tommy: Yeah, I know the Trojans haven't won in Oregon since Matt Leinart and Reggie Bush were on the field, but the mighty Beav just lost by 17 points at home to a team that hadn't won a Pac-10 game since Tyrone Willingham strolled the sidelines. Tommy's riding the hot hand and going with his Trojans. God Guys-36, Back To Back Losers To (Gasp)...UCLA And WSU-28.
Butch: Who and who? Is that Cheater One and Cheater Two? Whatever. Alls Butch knows is that the Beavers were like the 22 Stooges [not just three] last week and allowed that monstrous Wazzu offensive line and defensive line pummel them into submission. No more Riley's Rodents for Butch in 2010. Butch takes Tommy's boys of Troy to win easily and cover.
Last Week: 1-3
Overall: 26-31
Last Week: 0-4
Overall: 22-35
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