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Butch v. Tommy - Week 13

Butch was all set to concede the 2010 BvT trophy to Tommy last week after posting a doughnut in the previous week, but Thomas has refused to catapult himself out of the gutter and over his notorious .500 Tommy Line, so Butch will give it one more college try this week after clipping off another game of Thomas' lead last week. Both Butch and Tommy plugged their noses and picked the Hussies to win last week - though Tommy thought it was going to be close when it was not. Then Thomas - blinded by his hatred of the Stanford Band - gave Butch a free pass on the Big Game by taking the Fighting Tedfords. Butch correctly predicted a win by the Trees and picked up the easy win. Both Butch and Tommy thought Tommy's boys of Troy could handle Riley's Rodents. After all, if Butch's lowly Cougars could get the job done, surely, Tommy's big, surly, manly Trojans could do so as well, right? Fail. Nice game, USC. So not only did Tommy's boys of Troy get blown out by a sub-par team [with a better coach], they completely ruined Butch's perfect week in the making. Thanks for nothing, USC.
Tommy: Well, thankfully for Tommy and Butch, this season's contest is nearly over, and then we can start fresh with the bowl games. Who woulda thunk that 27-33 would be enough for a three game lead, but Tommy definitely ain't bragging about it. Nope, not at all. Tommy's not going to say anything about adding another fruitcake trophy to his mantle to display around Christmas time. Nope, not going to say anything. Well, Butch can always enjoy the Cougs' transitive property win over the Trojans, in which the Cougs beat the mighty Beav, and said Beav spanked the Trojans. Time for the bounce back...
Butch: One of these days, both Butch and Tommy will clear Tommy's notoriously contagious .500 Line and when that happens there will be a party.
UCLA at Arizona State (-13)
Tommy: Is 13 a lot of points to give to a 4-6 team? Sure, but have you seen the Ruins lately? Good thing they have Norm Chow to fix their QB problem. Give him another decade or so, and he'll have it all figured out. Since the Scum Devils have actually improved this year and the Ruins have not, we'll say Erickson celebrates a cover with a few beers. Inching Toward A Bowl Game-28, Inching Toward Throwing Your OC Overboard-6.
Butch: Maybe Neuheisel could have Chow in a helicopter and then they could see better from the air why their team is not going to win with Richard Brehaut at quarterback. Butch takes the Sun Devils to win and cover.
Arizona at Oregon (-19.5)
Tommy: The Bears showed that Oregon can be defended if you have the secondary to belly up with their receivers. Arizona definitely does as well, so Tommy thinks 19 and a half is a little too rich for his blood. That said, the Ducks will be in Arizona in a month and a half. See Ya In Zona, Boise-34, Backing Into The Holiday Bowl?-20.
Butch: Well now this is humorous, Tommy hitching his wagon to the Fighting Tedfords as the reasoning for his pick for two weeks in a row. Wrong, wrong, wrong, Tommy. Unless something weird happens like, somebody showing up with a fruitcake instead of a football, this game is going to be the usual home blowout win for the Nikes. Butch takes the Nikes to win and cover.
Washington at California (-7)
Tommy: Sure, the Bears got destroyed by the Trees, but they still have been awesome at home, and even though they won easily, the Huskies didn't exactly look good against the Ruins. Tommy has been betting against bowl eligibility for Sark all year long, and he's not going to stop now. Enjoy The Nut Bowl, Bear Fans-28, Enjoy The Basketball Season, Husky Fans-20.
Butch: Oh, so that is the deal - it depends on who the Fighting Tedfords are playing at home. Now Butch gets it. Okay, Butch takes the Fighting Tedfords to win and cover - especially since they are playing the Hussies.
Oregon State at Stanford (-14)
Tommy: Tommy has given up on picking what Stanford is going to do. Smoke Arizona, let ASU hang around. Spank the Huskies, drag the Cougs around for four quarters. Tommy's gotta strange feeling about this one, and thinks that 14 points is a lot for such an inconsistent team. Tommy says the mighty Beav covers. BCS Bound?-31, Not Going To A Bowl This Year-20.
Butch: Wait a minute - inconsistent team? Is that not the definition of Oregon State this year? Losing to the Hussies, UCLA and Wazzu yet defeating "mighty" USC and California. Hmmm…what is the common denominator there…hmmm…wait, it is coming to Butch - oh yeah, inconsistency! Ding! Ding! Ding! So Riley's Rodents won last week, which means you know what is coming this week, right, Thomas? Butch takes the Trees to win and cover.
Notre Dame at USC (-4)
Tommy: If Matt Barkley can't play against the Irish, can the Trojans pull one out? After all, ND has bounced back with huge wins over national powers Utah and Army. Tommy says yes because if you're a Trojan, all you have to do is wear a cardinal helmet to throw for 350+ yards against them. Tommy's boys forget about their nightmares in Oregon and remember that five straight classes have left SC without losing to the Irish. Good Guys-31, Green Jerseys Against Army? Really?!-20.
Butch: Let Butch sum up the nation's attitude toward this game this year….zzzzzzzzzz. Once again, nobody cares about teams that cannot go to bowl games - especially programs which cheat to get to bowl games. So, in the Who Cares Game of the Week, Butch selects Tommy's boys of Troy to win and cover.
Last Week: 1-2
Overall: 27-33
Last Week: 2-1
Overall: 24-36
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