Butch v. Tommy - Week 14

Once again, as has been the case so many times this year, Tommy was saved by a sliver of circumstance and his boys of Troy were choking away another load, er, lead. This week's sliver involved Oregon and Arizona. Tommy inexplicably used the California Bears and their fake injury defensive strategy as a model for Arizona in their game against the Nikes and even went as far overboard with his medications as to suggest that the Wildcats would play a close game and cover. Quite naturally, Butch laughed heartily at that tomfoolery and was still laughing when the Nikes held their 26-point lead in the fourth quarter, only to have Arizona score a late touchdown to cut it down to 19 and cover by half a point - the same point given to Tommy by Nikes' head coach Chip Kelly as an early X-mas present when the Nikes needlessly went for a two-point conversion earlier in the game and failed]. Nice win, Thomas. But the boys could still at least stay over .500 for the week - all that had to happen was for Tommy's boys to beat the snot out of the lowly Leprechauns of Notre Dame at home. That bar seemed low enough to clear, right? Apparently not, at least for Tommy's boys of Troy. So, once again, neither Butch nor Tommy will clear the notorious .500 Tommy Line for another year and Week 14 will be all for show as Tommy holds a commanding three-game lead over Butch.
Tommy: So away we go, the last week, and Tommy has a surmountable three game lead. It's time to bait Butch. If Butch picks against Tommy in all four games, and wins them all, he can steal defeat from the jaws of victory. Tommy is throwing down the gauntlet. Looking at Tommy's numbers picking against every Tommy pick could be a winning strategy. If Butch had done that this year, he'd be way on top. Instead, he has to decide whether to go with his own thoughts, which the way things have been going this year, ain't such a great idear. Good luck spoiling the Huskies bowl run, Butchie!
Butch: That Tommy - always the crafty one - just the way the NCAA likes it. Well, let us just see how much nog Butch has up his sleeve, shall we?
Arizona State at Arizona (-5.5)
Tommy: Tommy loves this line. The Sun Devils have lost six games, but only two of those losses came by more than four points, and one of those was an eleven point loss to Oregon in a game that ASU led for much of the way. Angry Stoops ain't no Chip Kelly, so not only is Tommy going with the Scum Devils to cover, but to pull the upset. Time For A Drink, Dennis-28, Arizona Fans Are As Mad As You Are, Mike-24.
Butch: So far, your evil plan is working perfectly, Thomas. Butch can understand why you are dumping on the Wildcats now after they did not take your California Bears advice last week and you are right Stoops is not Kelly and will not take meaningless two-point attempts. But quarterback Brock Osweiler is playing in his first Territorial Cup as a starter and much of the ASU defense is not. Butch takes Arizona to win and cover.
Oregon (-16.5) at Oregon State
Tommy: Last year's game was competitive, but last year's mighty Beav team was good. Enjoy an easy walts through Borevallis to the title game, Duckies! Time For Some Tostitos-57, No Bowl For Beavs-21.
Butch: Nice Tommy! The evil plan continues to work! As you have learned the painfully hard way, Thomas, Riley's Rodents are an inconsistent team in 2010. Last week was a 38-0 pasting from the Trees, so you know what is coming this week, right, Tommy? Well, evidently you do not. Butch takes Riley's Rodents to cover.
Washington (-6.5) at Wazzu
Tommy: Wow, looks like Sark is going to a bowl game after all. Well, let's throw Butch's Cougs a consolation prize and say that, in honor of their improvement this year from getting repeatedly pounded by a million points last season to just a dozen or so this year, they lose by a field goal in a game that makes Notre Dame/USC look scintillating. Enjoy The Save The Hungry People Bowl-25, Doubled Your Win Total From Last Year-22.
Butch: Would it not be cruel irony, Thomas, if your evil plan worked for three of the four games and the one game that could give Butch the season comeback win was this game - and it cost him the season comeback win? They write 'em like that in Hollywood, you know. Butch was gonna take the Hussies to win and cover just to make Tommy squirm but will take Wazzu to cover as well.
USC (-7) at UCLA
Tommy: Tommy's got a hunch that Matt Barkley's going to play, and in combining that with UCLA's 4-7 record against the spread (who cares if it's the same as SC's), I'm going with what is a good bet every against the coaching abilities of Rick Neuheisel. Good Guys-28 (With A Late TD Bomb For Good Measure), Ruins-7.
Butch: This game is going to be funny. In honor of Leslie Nielsen, this game is like two of his famous characters squaring off against each other - Dr. Rumack from Airplane! will be played by USC Det. Frank Drebin from Naked Gun/Police Squad! will be portrayed by UCLA. Surely, Butch can't be serious as Butch selects Drebin/UCLA to win and cover in the upset? Don't call Butch, Shirley.
Last Week: 2-3
Overall: 29-36
Last Week: 2-3
Overall: 26-39
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