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Butch v. Tommy - Week Eight

Well, it was yet another week of mediocrity in the 2010 BvT where Butch and Tommy took turns taunting each other like Vizzini and The Man In Black in The Princess Bride. Clearly, as everyone knows, iocaine comes from Australia, which is entirely peopled by criminals and criminals are used to having people not trust them. On the other hand, there are the classic blunders to remember - never get involved in a land war in Asia and never go against a Sicilian when death is on the line - and, of course, that Plato, Socrates and Aristotle are all morons. But how were we to know that the two Washington schools had spent the last year building up an immunity to iocaine powder? Naturally, those were the only two schools to go belly-up last week. In both cases, it was more due to circumstances not directly in their control - the Wazzu defense got the break of facing a second string quarterback for the third consecutive week while the Hussies benefited from Riley's Rodents going for a two-point conversion win in double overtime instead of trying their luck in a triple overtime scenario. Needless to say, Tommy's cootie curse has kept both Butch and Tommy below his notorious .500 Line for much of 2010 with no sign of immediate reprieve. Here comes Week Eight - Butch and Tommy have fun storming the castle.
Tommy: Maybe Tommy and Butch should throw up their hands in surrender. Even in a light week, we couldn't avoid embarrassment. Tommy's through guessing how much WSU will lose by from week to week. Then there's the wild roller coaster that is Butch's favorite team...the Huskies. Who knows what they'll do on any given Saturday. Or the Beavs, who hand U of Eh, their first loss, only to go behind 21-0 against said Huskies before coming back, and then choking at the end. (Who goes for two when an extra point ties and extends the game?) Well, it's nog and dartboard time. Butch, don't stand in front of the board, and in light of how Tommy has thrown it so far, don't stand anywhere near the board.
Butch: Well, the good thing, Thomas, is, now that the nog has officially hit the shelves, there is plenty of nog to go around. The only good thing about last week is that of Butch and Tommy's sole victory - the prediction of USC over California - Butch called it exactly as it went and he quotes - "it will be a blowout win for your boys of Troy" - but other than that, more nog may be required to explain delicate overtime strategies to Riley's Rodents when they are playing the Hussies.
UCLA at Oregon (-21)
Tommy: This one looks so straight forward on the surface. The Ducks are dominant at home, and UCLA's run defense is a shade above abysmal. But, Tommy has a feeling...oh, heck with it. Tommy hates the Ruins and the Ruins hate him, so Tommy will go against his gut and root for Chip Kelly to hand a hundred on the clowns from Westwood. We're #1!-52, The Monopoly On Off Field Troubles Is Over-13.
Butch: This game is over before it started. Kevin Prince plays, it will stay under 100. If Richard Brehaut brings his little blue wagon along for the ride when he runs, watch the scoreboard. Butch selects the newly top-rated Nikes to win and cover easily.
Arizona State at California (-3)
Tommy: Tommy is still laughing at the whipping that Kal took at the hands of his Trojans. Remember when Jeff Tedford "had SC's number?" Has anyone milked so much out of one win than Tedford has out of the 2003 win over the Trojans? I can't think of another example. Tommy thinks that the problem may be not having a good QB since Aaron Rodgers skipped town. Still, the roller coaster starts again, and the Bears own the Devils at home. Did You Get The License Plate Of That Truck That Hit Us?-27, Best Win Came Over...Washington-17.
Butch: Wait…is Kevin Riley still the quarterback of the Bears? Butch is still checking…yes? Butch selects ASU to cover.
Wazzu at Stanford (-35)
Tommy: Threw a dart. It landed on Butch's tail. That means Cougs cover, I guess. Watch Out For The Tree's Clock Operator-38, Time Ticking Away On Paul Wulff-10.
Butch: The only question here is how happy the Cougars will be with only a loss "only" in the 20s. The backup quarterback's name is Alex Loukas [just in case]. Butch selects the Trees to win and cover.
Washington at Arizona (-7)
Tommy: Hmmmmmmm....Tommy knows that the Huskies defense is a sieve, but the Cats haven't cracked 30 in a month, and they'll be without QB Nick Foles. Scoring 24 on the Cougs is not exactly reassuring Tommy. Let's go with a Cat win and a Husky cover. They'll Pull Five Losses Out Of This Season Yet-24, Another Exciting Bowl Free Season For Sark-21.
Butch: No argument here, Butch. Scott is no Nate Costa. Butch plugs his nose and also takes the Hussies to cover.
Last Week: 1-2
Overall: 18-21
Last Week: 1-2
Overall: 16-23
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