Butch v. Tommy - Week Four

After three games last week, Butch was 10-2-1 and five games ahead of Tommy and threatening to blow him not only out of the stagnant water he wading in, but also out of the county and into a neighboring country [most likely Canada, though Butch would have entertained choices for Tommy]. Colorado won like both Butch and Tommy expected, Washington had covered against Nebraska like Butch predicted and Texas covered like Butch also predicted. So there was Butch - strutting into that Aztec-Wazzu game like John Travolta in Saturday Night Fever with that hip-swinging "Staying Alive" intro we all know…"Well, you can tell by the way I use my walk…" - and there was Wazzu up by 10 in the third quarter and about to make Butch 4-0 when…suddenly…bam! Blang! Sock! Ka-pow! Everything went dark and the next thing Butch knew, it was four touchdowns later and the Cougars not only blew the game, they blew the cover too. A 28-point swing! Then, out of the darkness, the music began again. "Nobody believes what you say. It's just your jive talkin' that gets in the way…" Five games later - Wazzu, Arizona State, Syracuse, BYU, Arizona - and Butch was tossed into the "Disco Inferno" along with Tommy at 3-5. Butch knew he shoulda picked Utah to cover…and the Trees to cover no regrets about Syracuse though]. Now Tommy has dragged Butch down below his .500 Line-level. Tommy is used to being down here but Butch is not and he does not like the smell. Time for Butch to drink a fifth of Beethoven in Week Four.
Tommy: Well, all good things must come to an end for ol' Butchie. Not only did the Cougs get stomped in the second half by the mighty Aztecs, but the Furry Dude came back down into Tommy territory with a 3-5 week. Ouch. Mr. Kitty still maintains a solid four game lead, but merely because the Skirted One has flat out stunk this year. Butch, the seasons are changin' out Tommy's way, so it may be time to start noggin' it. It can't hurt, since Tom can't do much worse.
Butch: There is never a downside to nog - let us get that straight, Thomas - but there is a limit to how much it can aid in prognosticating and if you have only picked nine games correctly in three weeks, then that line is hovering dangerously close. Butch has only been below Tommy's .500 Line once this season - Tommy has resided there all year so far - so the odds favor a pre-nog Butch rebound this week.
Colorado at Ohio State (-15)
Tommy: The Bucks are down this year, but they ain't that far down.
Columbus Ink-38, Coaches: You Get What You Pay For-14. The Pac-12's worst team-31, Morgan Fairchild-17.
Butch: Ah…Butch sees Tommy has his Jon Embree tiki god out again - that did not take long - and Tommy feels kinship with his fellow cheaters. Look, Butch is not predicting an upset here…but the 4/20's are 2-1 ATS so far this year and that is a whole helluva lot better than the cheating Buckeyeballs. Butch takes the 4/20's to cover.
California at Washington (-1)
Tommy: Sark has owned Jeff Tedford and the Osos Oro. Why would that change now? Because the Bears humiliated the Artist Formerly Known as Presbyterian? Tommy ain't countin' on it. Who Needs Jake Locker?-24, Can We Have Aaron Rodgers Back?-21.
Butch: Butch is in agreement with Tommy…a bad sign…but the definition of "owned" just cannot be two games [and last year's game was 16-13…not really being "owned"]. Butch does not like selecting the Hussies two weeks in a row - leaves a bad taste in his mouth - and takes the Fighting Tedfords to win and cover.
UCLA at Oregon State (-4)
Tommy: Does anyone care? This game should be renamed the Meineke Car Care "Who Sucks More" bowl. Tommy has been burned enough by the Bruins this year to know better. Winless, But Still Better Than The Bruins-35, Remember the "Dream Team" Coaching Staff? How's That Goin'?-28.
Butch: The only reason - the only reason - Butch is selecting Riley's Rodents to win and cover against the Bru-jobs is because he bit his tongue while chewing on a blue Skittle and he feels that was a sign…well, that and Joe Halahuni and James Rodgers are back for the Rodentry. But more the Skittle thing. Butch takes Riley's Rodents to win and cover.
Oregon (-15.5) at Arizona
Tommy: Are you kidding me? The Cats are horrible, and we may see Mikey making contorted idiot faces on someone else's sidelines next year as a secondary coach or something like this. Ducks cruise to a cover. Ugly Uniforms-42, Ugly Coach-20.
Butch: Butch made the mistake of siding with the Spittle Spewin' Stoops last week…a mystery which may never be solved [and against the Trees, no less!]…but he will not make that mistake twice. Butch has learned his lesson the hard way and joins Tommy in selecting the Nikes to both win and cover.
USC at Arizona State (-2.5)
Tommy: Tommy just isn't drinkin' the Lane Kiffin nog yet. The Trojans had a solid showing against the mighty Citrus Fruit, and maybe the Utes are a little better than the guy in the helmet thought. Still, this is a pretty big game, and how many of those has the old Laner won. It hurts to say it, but the Old Drunk and his team cover.
Hot Skanks In The Desert-24, Seeing Is Believing-19.
Butch: Did you say "Lamer"? Good call, Tommy - that is a bad batch o'nog. In fact, Butch does not think those two words - "Lane" and "Kiffin" - should not even be associated with something as pristine and unsullied as good ole nog. Butch is not exactly enamored with Sporky either but…what the hell [pun alert]…he will risk hurling and take Sporky to win and cover.
Last Week: 3-5
Overall: 9-14-1
Last Week: 3-5
Overall: 13-10-1
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