Butch V. Tommy - Week Four

There were eight lined games last week – the heftiest week of the schedule – so one would think that might create a little chaos in the overall numerals. One would be wrong. What did Butch and Tommy do? Stuck together like two collegiate prognosticating peas in a pod on their first night in Vegas. Let's see what light bulbs are hovering over their heads this week...
Tommy: Ah, that's better. I guess medicinal marijuana really does work. Butch didn't do so bad either. This confirms the fact that we are true geniuses, and well ahead of our time. Let's hope Butchie boy dumbs it down a little so the Skirted One can catch up. Let her rip, my furry friend!
Butch: See Tommy? Hang with Butch and you'll be going places. He just doesn't know which places. Ready? Skirts up!
California (-28.5) at New Mexico State
Tommy: Ol' Tommy still hasn't figured out the boys in Berkeley yet. In fact, since the Ursas traveled to Hattiesburg last season, they have been pretty minor. They have underachieved in every game except the UW game, and come on, it's UW. Cal's gonna win this game, but cover? Nah. Where Have You Gone, Aaron Rodgers?-42, There's No Place Like Las Cruces (And That's A Good Thing)-14.
Butch: California was dreamin' if they thought they had an easy game last week but they do have one this week – and Vegas is being a big meanie on it. Cal is a good team getting better but not quite there yet, playing their first multiple time zone road trip game. New Mexico State is horrible – and Butch is giving any existing Hal Mumme sycophants a break there. Ask and ye shall receive, Tommy – it's a tough call, but Butch sees Cal winning by 30 on the button and covering.
Notre Dame (-13) at Washington
Tommy: This ought to be fun. Tyrone Willingham really wants to stick it to his former employer (in the most staid and reserved way possible). Meanwhile, Chuck Weis wants his guys to be "nasty," and his defense sure was against MSU. Maybe the Irish will take it easy on their former coach. Yeah, and maybe ND fans will be happy about a 7-4 season. We Own Ann Arbor, But Can't Beat MSU At Home-38, Can't We Play Idaho Again?-17.
Butch: The Hallucinogenic Leprechauns have never lost [5-0] to Washington since football was invented and if they start now – well, they will be hiring yet another head coach to "return to glory" next year. Butch takes the Leprechauns to win and cover.
USC (-21.5) at Oregon
Tommy: Boy, the Trojans sure have struggled in their first non-conference road game under Pete Carroll. Their only win in this scenario came against mighty Stanford last season, and they trailed going into the fourth. So Oregon's a lock. Well, that's what I thought until I saw SC's offense against Arkansas, and the Ducks' defense against Fresno State. Trojans in a walk. Defending Champs-56, All O/No D-23.
Butch: Now that Oregon can't hide behind Pac-10 scheduling quirks any longer, the question is – how long will it take Tommy's boys of Troy to initiate the Quacks into the blowout club? The answer – not long. Butch takes Tommy's boys to win and cover.
Arizona State (-5.5) at Oregon State
Tommy: When was the last time that there were no home favorites in the Pac-10 in a given week? Generally, I find it tough to pick against the Beavs at home. They are 15-5 against the spread at home vs. the Pac-10 in the last five seasons. Still, their defense has been atrocious, and they are running into a buzz saw offense. Good luck, Beavs. Hope You're Not Looking Ahead To SC-38, Where Have You Gone, Bill Swancutt?-30.
Butch: The Sun Satans had a bye last week [Oh, pipe down all you Northwestern fans – all three of you] so they should be prepared to "tortilla" OSU quarterback Matt Moore in much the same manner that Louisville did last week [By the way, nice scheduling maneuver by the OSU athletic department brain trust. Think you can get another three time zone road trip scheduled on the heels of an emotional home game next year too? This year's sure paid dividends!]. Butch takes ASU to win and cover.
Last Week: 5-2-1
Overall: 10-10-1
Last Week: 5-2-1
Overall: 13-7-1
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