Butch v. Tommy - Week Seven

Tommy finally picked a legitimate Oregon State football game and because Butch did not believe he had it in him - it cost Butch a shot at tying up the 2010 BvT and also gave something for Tommy to brag about for a week, probably two, since Week Seven is such a light week. Both Butch and Tommy correctly called the fraud that is UCLA [with Butch being more on the mark than Tommy in that one], then both Butch and Tommy completely whiffed on the Wazzu game as neither of us expected to ever see speedy Nate Costa in the game. Of course, Tommy's boys of Troy still lost and he still keeps picking them to lose so everybody wins in that situation as long as nobody brings up NCAA violations or agents in the same sentence - but they did not lose by enough to save Butch and Tommy's pick in the game - and both Butch and Tommy correctly selected ASU to throttle the hapless Hussies. The only difference last week was that - surprisingly - Tommy correctly picked his very first Oregon State game where luck was not involved. Butch begrudgingly has to give up props for Thomas who did call Riley's Rodents to upset the Wildcats and send Stoops off on another angry spitting spree. Still, despite the one-game win for Thomas this week, both Butch and Tommy are still mired below the notorious .500 "Tommy Line" for the year.
Tommy: Well, Tommy stretched his lead last weekend to a whopping two games, thanks to Butch's inexplicable believe in a team coached by Mike Stoops. I don't know who's more angry, Mike or Butch. That being said, Tommy isn't exactly killing it either, straddling a couple games below .500. Who woulda thunk that the Trojans would give Harbaugh's team a fight, and who woulda thunk that the Ducks would not score 70 points against WSU by halftime. This week's slate is light because the Cardinal need to go the ATM to get the money for refs, and UCLA's players need to have time this weekend to smoke copious amounts of weed.
Butch: You are right, Tommy - Butch should have known better and has no excuse other than to claim being in a nog trance because - insert sound of triumphant trumpets here - it is officially nog season! Butch went to the store this week and spied the season's first appearance of nog in the dairy case. That will take the sting out of last week faster than agents offering college kids money.
California at USC (-2.5)
Tommy: Remember last year when USC's defense also stunk, and they had a true freshman QB? The Trojans spanked Cal 30-3 in Bezerkley. In fact, the mighty Bears have not really been competitive against SC since Aaron Rodgers left school. Tommy doesn't think this Trojan team will give up, and will give the nod to USC because they have the better QB. And, oh yeah, Tommy hates Cal.Good Guys-38, Remember When Tedford Used To Be a Genius?-24.
Butch: You should not allow emotion to control your thoughts that way, Thomas, next thing you know, you will be eating fruitcake in the nut house. Still, there is not much to argue with you on this one. Kevin Riley is still the quarterback for the Fighting Tedfords, right? Just checking. Yep, it will be a blowout win for your boys of Troy. Butch also selects Tommy's boys of Troy to win and cover.
Arizona (-23.5) at Wazzu
Tommy: Listen, Tommy knows that Butch's Cougs are actually 3-2 against the spread. Yes, Tommy knows that the Cougs have found a way to put points on the board this season. But Tommy just can't pick the Cougs to cover against any halfway decent teams unless the number is so ridiculous as to be embarrassing. Sorry, guys. Choke Job Artists-50, Hapless-17.
Butch: Butch's Cougars put on a clinic last week! A clinic in how to cover a spread and keep everybody happy, that is. You never saw so many people happy about a 20-point home loss in your life, Thomas. But now they are all sore from celebrating and slapping themselves on the back and what? - another large spread to cover? Consistency is an elusive and demanding beast. Butch was tempted to take the points here but then he saw that defense in a dream and then an angry platypus disguised as a coach spat upon him. That was scary. Butch takes it as a warning and selects Arizona to win and cover.
Oregon State at Washington (PK)
Tommy: Ah, the Huskies. They raise expectations by beating overrated teams, and then they come crashing down to reality against the solid teams of the Pac-10. Look! Here's one now! The one that Butch said would lose to the Cats by at least nine points! The Beav will run amok through the alleged defense (well, that's what they call it) of the Huskies, and will win this one easily. Fun Fact: Beavs Eat Their Own Feces-35, So Do "Dawgs" (Especially When They're On Defense)-21.
Butch: One lucky win and one legit win and now the bragging begins - how predictable. But Riley's Rodents were impressive last week and even without James Rodgers. Butch does not know why Vegas is calling this a pick'em but Butch has no problem picking Riley's Rodents to win this one.
Last Week: 3-2
Overall: 17-19
Last Week: 2-3
Overall: 15-21
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