Butch v. Tommy - Week Six

Just what Tommy needed – a little wakey-wakey call to remind him that his beloved boys of Troy are not all that invincible as some people [not naming names…well, at least not right now anyway] made them out to be. Tommy picked against his boys ATS – and rightfully so, the numerals were there – but did not pick them to get picked again in Corvallis by the "lowly" Beavers in what one ESPN announcer called "a pity game". Ah yes, gotta love that national media and their ignorant ways. Of course, Butch sees plenty of that on the West Coast, so maybe the ESPN guys were just trying to make sure the rest of the country got a little of the arrogant lovin' spoonfuls too. But either way, Tommy got the ATS win for the game and coupled with a Pac-10 team actually covering against a MWC team [Cal over Colorado State] for once this year and the Cougars putting up little fight against the Nikes, pulled away from poor Butch who sank to a depressing two games below the .500 "Tommy Line". Looks like Butch picked the wrong week to stop sniffing glue.
Tommy: The Tomster has sprinted out to a four game lead, and is enjoying life at the top. It's been so long. Butchie's got a hole to dig out of after picking his Cougs to be competitive last weekend. Yikes! I can still smell fried Cougar from down here. Off we go!
Butch: Well, Butch looks at it this way – if the "Tomster" is happy sacrificing a conference loss for a larger lead over Butch then Butch will definitely take that trade-off – anything to get a little more new Pac-10 blood into the Rose Bowl and national picture is okay by Butch. Would it be okay if your boys lose again this week, Tomster?
Oregon State at Utah (-12)
Tommy: I know the Beavs are always getting whacked on the road by non-conference opponents, and they are an extremely inconsistent squad under Mike Riley. Shoot, I've bet against their outfit time and time again. This time, I think their defense has its legs under it for the first time, and Tommy thinks the Utes are a fraud. So it's trend-bucking time again. We Own SC-24, No BCS For You-20.
Butch: Well, that result would certainly work out well for USC's computer numbers wouldn't it, Tommy? Unfortunately – as we will see later – this is Week Six, otherwise known as What Goes Around, Comes Around Week, and it is certainly going to come around for the Rodentry as now they get their turn to play the part of the discombobulated visiting team in front of a rabid home crowd [Butch likes Keanu Reeves to play the part of the Beaver defense]. Butch thinks Utah wins but the Rodentry will keep it close and cover.
Stanford at Notre Dame (-7.5)
Tommy: With all the blitzing and so little speed for the Cardinal, the Emu is going to be pitching the ball all over the field in South Bend. After overachieving in the first week, the Cardinal haven't impressed Tommy since, and won't this week either. Guaranteed Schematic Advantage-35, Academic Excuse Makers-21.
Butch: The Trees have not been impressive at any point this season – an Oregon State team losing on the road in the early season? Bah! Wake Butch when that has not happened in the last five years…zzzz. On the other hand, Notre Dame is their usual over-inflated selves and the only people that think they are any good are the Leprechauns' national team of groin masseuses. Oh yeah, and completely objective television network NBC – forgot about them. Butch takes the Trees to cover.
Arizona State at California (-8.5)
Tommy: The Sun Devils are a fraud. They have no OL and no DL. Shoot, they made Georgia look invincible before Bama laid one on them. Tommy says the Maryland loss was a fluke, and Tedford loves inviting the good people from Tempe to town to get a good beating at the hands of the home team. This time, no trend bucking for The Skirted One. Still A Good Team-42, Koetter Redux-20.
Butch: That is a lot of fraudulence going around, Tommy. So, let Butch get this straight – you are going to go against Dennis Erickson [1-0 against Tedford] to cover after he is given a bye week to prepare? Butch will not travel down that path with you and takes the Sun Devilinas to cover against the Fighting Tedfords.
Washington at Arizona (-19)
Tommy: This is a lot of points for the Kitties, even though the Pups are without Jake Locker. Still, Tommy cannot in good conscience pick Washington to be competitive with anyone until...November 22, when they have a sure win coming up. Tommy bites his tongue and takes the U of Eh. Stoops Winning But Still Mad-45, Pink Slip On Its Way-24.
Butch: Stoops said they Wildcats were "embarrassed" with last year's defensive performance when they beat the Hussies, 48-41, so guess what would be a bigger embarrassment? Stoops already knows and that is why Butch takes Arizona to win and cover.
Oregon at USC (-16.5)
Tommy: Tommy's boys are dinged up and reeling a little from the shock at the hands of Wally and the Beav, and the Ducks came out smoking against the Cougs after the injury bug bit them against Boise. Plus the Trojans have not done well against the spread at home in their conference opener, going 1-3 in the last four. But Tommy's bucking the trend, and remembering how well the Trojan defense has locked up hot Ducky offense of the past. Good (As in Virtuous) Guys-41, Mike Bellotti Should Be Cursed At-20.
Butch: Here is the only thing you need to know about this game, Tommy – Your boy Pete Carroll coming off a regular season loss in the last five years is 4-0 SU and 3-1 ATS. What Goes Around, Comes Around Week continues with Part Two, the episode in which we see the Nikes try to stop USC from scoring 63 points. Butch takes Tommy's "not angry but ready" boys of Troy to win and cover.
Wazzu at UCLA (-17)
Tommy: At least the Bruins are showing signs of life. The Cougs? Well, let's just say that Butch should dress up as a corpse for Halloween this year, because the boys from Pullman are DOA. Breaking Up Monopolies One Bad Game At A Time-38, Scout Team-16.
Butch: Rick Neuheisel came out from his hidey-hole for the Pac-10 news conference this week – that is a sign that things are improving at Westwood – and made a Monty Python reference, although it was not "Bring Out Yer Dead!" in honor of the Cougars. Butch is still alive and feels like taking a walk and takes Wazzu to cover.
Non-Conference Noogies
Duke at Georgia Tech (-14)
Tommy: The battle of the upstarts. Tommy says that's way too many points to give against a team that looks like Spurrier is coaching them again. I love me some Paul Johnson, but not that much. Crazy Option Team-28, The Guy Ole Miss Fired to Hire...Ed Orgeron???!!!-24.
Butch: Everybody hates Duke in basketball and lacrosse, so how does football get off the hook and even though Tech has that ugly word "Georgia" in their names, at least they are engineers, which is close enough to being a conductor and Butch likes trains. Butch takes Thomas the Tank Engine to win and cover.
Navy at Air Force (-6)
Tommy: Well, one of these schools is on our side of the Old Miss, the Old Man. Tommy thinks the Middies are heating up and they've owned the Flyboys. We see a cover in the future for Annapolis. Fliers-24, Boaters-21.
Butch: Getting closer Tommy but service academy games? Those come with an asterisk firmly attached. Butch likes both boats and planes, so this is a toughie – but planes fly faster, so Butch takes the Flyboys to win and cover.
Hawai'i at Fresno State (-22.5)
Tommy: Butch likes games west of Ol Man River, so here's one that's way west. Without June Jones on the islands, aloha means goodbye to good football. Crazy Pat Hill throws down a beatdown. We Were There To Beat The Bruins-47, We're Going To Get "Leid" Out-15.
Butch: Hill is fuming because Hawai'i refused to schedule their return game in Fresno by playing in their grass skirts. He is going to use it as motivation to win this game and show everybody that his team can play with anybody – anytime, anywhere! even without their skirts. Butch takes FSU to win and cover.
Last Week: 4-1
Overall: 21-11
Last Week: 2-3
Overall: 15-17
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