Butch v. Tommy - Week Two

The first week of the annual Butch and Tommy Slap-O-Rama is in the books and it was a near dead heat when - as usual - Butch and Tommy took turns slapping each other around for the week. Butch began the slapfest by predicting quite accurately that Thomas' Trojans would fail to cover against the Hawai'i Rainbow Warriors because Butch knew they would be rusty and Tommy was only picking on the basis of past irrelevant results. But Tommy got Butch back by correctly picking Arizona to cover and UCLA to fail - giving him a slim one-game advantage after the first full week of play in the 2010 college football season.
Tommy: Welcome back to everyone. Tommy takes back his rightful place on top of the two man leader board. Butch's Cougs return to doormat status in Week One, which sure doesn't bode well for the season. (How many years will Paul Wulff get?) The Trojan defense continued their run of poor play, and the Duck O moved the ball at will. Let's also welcome back the teams that played the Sisters of the Poor last weekend. Congrats on your impressive wins against no one. So, a 5-2 start can only get better, right?
Butch: Well, Tommy got the first laugh of the 2010 BvT season...wait, no, Butch actually got the first laugh when good ole clear-headed Butch saw through the ever-swirling Trojan ball 'o hype [Butch has experience with this, thanks to being in close proximity to the likes of Oregon and Washington whereas Tommy is on the wrong end of the equation in his case] and accurately predicted Tommy's Boys of Troy to fail to cover [or play much defense] against the Hawai'i - gee, Butch wonders why Tommy could not see that coming? Hmmmm...perhaps still figuring out when that next bowl game is on the horizon?
Colorado at California (-8.5)
Tommy: Really, Vegas? Only eight and a half points? Do you guys really think that ol' Dan Hawkins has turned the corner just because he benched his son? Not bloody likely. The Bears cover this one easily. Counting The Days Till We Choke In Pac-10 Play-35, "This Is The Big 12, Brother!"-12.
Butch: Not only that, Tommy - but in the last four years - Tedford is an impressive 4-0 ATS in his first game against BCS conference opponents while Hawkins is 1-3. Butch believes that closes this case and takes the Fighting Tedfords to win and cover.
Syracuse at Washington (-13)
Tommy: Could you ask for a bigger game on a college football Saturday? How exciting does it get? Seattle, do you have the fever? The Cuse is better than they've been, but they still suck, so we'll go with home field advantage. Try Converting On Fourth Down This Week-31, Large Orange Circles Make Bad Mascots-13.
Butch: Butch is not sure that beating an Akron team coming off a 3-9 year constitutes the "better" label, but okay, Tommy, you were 5-2 last week, so Butch will let you have that one. Butch also takes the Hussies to whine…oops, sorry….win and cover.
Oregon (-12.5) at Tennessee
Tommy: The temptation is to pick the Shmucks to cover after they embarrassed lowly New Mexico, but the SEC is still the SEC. The Vols have an experienced front seven who did a decent job of bottling up Tim "The Messiah" Tebow last season. Let's give the Mighty Ducks a win, but not a cover. How Are Things Out In Oxford, Jeremiah?-30, Still Burning Couches And Drawing Curse Words And Male Genitalia On Rocks-20.
Butch: The Nikes are only 2-3 ATS on the road under Chip Kelly and - thanks to Boise State - he has yet to beat a non-conference foe on the road. Both of those things are gonna change this week, though - 12.5 points? That's two touchdowns - the Nikes scored those before they boarded the plane to Knoxville. Butch takes the Nikes to win and cover.
Stanford (-6) at UCLA
Tommy: Tommy's really gonna enjoy watching the Ruins this season. Surrendering 31 points and 313 yards rushing against a one dimensional football team was extremely impressive - and Kevin Prince picked up right where he left off last season. The Cardinal have got to be licking their chops even though they haven't won in the Rose Bowl for a while. All good things must come to an end, Bruin fans. How's the end of that monopoly going for ya? The Tree Is Budding-35, "The Program You Love To Love"-17.
Butch: The Trees have not been impressive against UCLA since Jim Harbaugh had his golden-plated toilet installed in Palo Alto, but after catching a whiff of UCLA last week in the breadbasket of America, Butch believes the Bruins are all moldy. Butch takes the Trees to win and cover.
Virginia at USC (-19.5)
Tommy: The Trojan D was putrid on the Islands, but now it's back to LA against your basic pro set, play action team. The Trojans have done pretty well against these teams over the years. (Ask Bruin fans.) Tommy's looking for a cover this time against an unathletic defense and a boring offense. Good Guys-42, Thomas Jeffersons-14.
Butch: Butch agrees - and if wasn't for that putrid display of defense in paradise last week, Butch might have even called for a shutout, but the Cavaliers will probably get at least one in during the rout. Butch takes Tommy's Boys of Troy to win and cover.
Last Week: 5-2
Last Week: 4-3
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