Pac-Tending 02-23-11

"We have an idea of what's going on but we don't want to assume anything. We are trying to find out what the issues are that we need to be tackling."
- NCAA vice president of enforcement Julie Roe Lach, speaking about the NCAA's new focus on potential football recruiting reforms.
Conference play continues at the Creek this week in both men's and women's hoop and televison times are set for the final weekend of men's hoop.
Meanwhile, at NCAA HQ, there has been a was announced that, for the 2011 Big dance, for first time in history, focus on football recruiting information gathering.
Arizona State
In baseball, freshman outfielder Corey Hahn slid headfirst into second base during a steal attempt in the Sun Devils' game against New Mexico and suffered a neck injury for which he had surgery.
In men's hoop, the Huskies lost to Arizona and defeated ASU to move to 18-8 0verall and 10-5 in league play.
In men's hoop, sophomore Derrick Williams was named as the conference's player of the week.
In baseball, the Bears opened their final season with a sweep of Utah.
In men's hoop, the Cougars lost to conference leader Arizona and were upset by conference cellar-dweller ASU to drop to 7-8 in conference play and 17-10 overall with an 81 RPI.
In women's hoop, the Cougars lost to Arizona and ASU to drop to 6-9 in conference play and 8-19 overall with a 127 RPI.
In baseball, Wazzu defeated California State University-Bakersfield, 4-3, in the series finale to improve to 2-1 overall on the year.
In tennis, the 74th-ranked Cougars lost to 44th-ranked Boise State to fall to 8-2 overall for the season.
In track and field, 10 Cougars won events at the WSU Open II.
In men's hoop, the Trojans swept California and Stanford to improve to 15-12 overall and 7-7 in conference play.
In women's hoop, the Cardinal defeated UCLA for their conference-record 52nd consecutive Pac-10 victory.
In baseball, junior pitcher Madison Boer was named as the conference's pitcher of the week.
Oregon State
In women's hoop, senior El Sara Greer was named as the conference's player of the week.
In men's hoop, the Bruins beat Stanford but lost to California to move to 19-8 overall and 10-4 in conference play.
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