Pac-Tending 02-24-10

"The committee read the signs society has prioritized about the importance of protecting the player as opposed to the sanctity of playing rules."
- Former Seattle Pacific head soccer coach and current NCAA secretary rules editor for soccer Cliff McCrath explaining the rationale behind a potential rule change in soccer for concussions suffered during play.
The 2009-10 championship season for winter sports continues with California remaining atop the men's hoop standings while Stanford remains undefeated in women's hoop as conference play continues.
Meanwhile, at NCAA HQ, college football attendance in all divisions declined by 554,330 [a 1.1% decrease] last year while the soccer rules committee is considering a five card accumulation during a season to warrant a one-game suspension for a coach or an athlete while also recommending that stoppage of play be allowed for concussion injuries.
In women's tennis, the third-ranked Bears defeated Arizona State.
In football, assistant coach Carnell Lake is leaving for family reasons.
Oregon State
In baseball, the Beavers took three of four from Hawai'i.
In men's hoop, senior forward Landry Fields was named as the conference's player of the week.
In football, Wazzu added assistant coach Dave Ungerer to their staff and added Boise State to their 2016-17 schedule.
In men's hoop, Wazzu defeated USC but lost to UCLA to move to 16-11 overall and 6-9 in conference play with a 127 RPI.
In women's hoop, the Cougars lost to UCLA but defeated USC to move to 7-19 overall and 2-13 in conference play with a 146 RPI.
In baseball, Wazzu swept Seattle University to open the 2010 season.
In football, the Wildcats received a verbal commitment from defensive lineman Aiulua Fanene.
In administration, USC met with the NCAA regarding possible sanctions and an announcement is expected in six to 10 weeks.
In women's hoop, the Huskies were swept by USC and UCLA to drop to 9-16 overall and 4-11 in conference play.
In football, running back LaMichael James was arrested and charged with domestic abuse while receiver Jamere Holland was kicked off the team after complaining about the coaching staff on a social media website.
Arizona State
In baseball, sophomore second baseman Zack MacPhee was named as the conference's player of the week..
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