Pac-Tending 08-25-10

"While some might be quick to claim that the increases are the result of runaway spending, the more likely scenario is that, due to the economy, institutions did not realize anticipated revenue to keep up with fixed costs."
- NCAA interim president director of its lucrative men's hoop tournament Jim Isch, attempting to explain why just 14 Division I programs were in the black last year [down from 25 the year before].
The 2010-11 athletic season has officially begun with most of the conference's soccer teams already having one or two matches under their belts and UCLA's Sydney Leroux racking up the first women's soccer athlete of the week.
Meanwhile, at NCAA HQ, 2008-09 financial data collected points to the effects of the slumping economy over the past few years.
In women's soccer, the Bears defeated Fresno State, Loyola Marymount and tied UC-Irvine to begin the year 2-0-1.
In soccer, 24th-ranked Wazzu defeated Utah, 1-0 and lost to sixth-ranked Florida State [0-1] to open up the 2010 season at 1-1 overall.
In football, defensive lineman Jordan Pu'u-Robinson [knee] and tight end Aaron Dunn [wrist] were lost for the year with injuries.
In men's hoop, the Wildcats received a verbal commitment from guard Nick Johnson.
In women's soccer, the Cardinal opened up the 2010 season by defeating Boston University and tying Boston College to go 1-0-1 overall on the year.
In football, offensive lineman Kai Maiava is out for the year with an ankle injury.
Arizona State
In football, the Sun Devils received a verbal commitment from defensive lineman Sean O'Grady.
In track and field, the Ducks hired Jamie Cook as an assistant coach in charge of multi-events.
In soccer, Washington defeated Seattle University, 1-0 in their season opener.
In men's hoop, Taylor King will not transfer to USC.
Oregon State
In football, redshirt freshman offensive lineman Tyler Thomas was kicked off the team after being arrested for resisting arrest and defensive linemen Tonu Tuimalealilifano and Mitchel Hunt have quit football due to lingering injuries.
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