Pac-Tending 12-01-10

"You can talk until you are blue in the face about guys who are talented but it helps to have a network out there."
- Missouri athletic director Mike Alden about the benefits of having a "network" of contacts to help with a football head coach search.
Championship season continues at the Creek as six Pac-10 teams were invited to the NCAA Women's Volleyball Championship Tournament.

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Meanwhile, at NCAA HQ, two former UCLA men's basketball players were inducted into the College Basketball Hall of Fame.
In women's soccer, the Cardinal defeated Florida State, 5-0, to advance to the Final Four at the NCAA Women's Soccer Championship.
In men's hoop, the Bears lost to Notre Dame and Boston College to fall to 3-2 overall on the season.
In volleyball, the Cougars lost to Oregon State and Oregon to finish the year at to 6-21 overall and 0-18 in conference play.
In men's hoop, Wazzu defeated Fresno State and hammered the Hornets of Sacramento State to remain undefeated at 5-0 overall on the season and junior guard Klay Thompson was named as the conference's player of the week
In women's hoop, the Cougars lost to North Carolina and Gonzaga but defeated Long Beach State for their first victory of the year and moved to 1-6 overall.
In soccer, the Huskies' season ended when they lost to Boston College in the Elite Eight of the NCAA Women's Soccer Championship.
In men's hoop, the Wildcats lost their first game of the year to Kansas to fall to 5-1 overall.
Arizona State
In football, sophomore quarterback Brock Osweiler was named as the conference's offensive player of the week.
Oregon State
In women's hoop, the Beavers defeated defeated Cal State-Bakersfield to improve to 5-2 overall on the year.
In women's hoop, junior forward Amanda Johnson was named as the conference's player of the week.
In men's hoop, the Trojans lost to TCU to fall to 4-4 overall on the year.
In football, the Bruins lost to Arizona State and fell to 4-7 overall on the year.
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