The Daily Dozen - 09-14-11

"Cheating will not be tolerated."
- NCAA President Mark Emmert, two weeks before the NCAA handed out major violation sanctions in multiple sports to Boise State University.
The 2011-12 season is officially underway at the Creek and Pac-12 teams are ranked highly in all four sports being played - cross country, football, soccer and volleyball - but none more highly than cross country where three Pac-12 squads are in the Top 10 of either men's or women's cross country national polls released this week.

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The Pac-12 also four sports being played - cross country, football, soccer and volleyball - but none more highly than cross country where removed a promotional video from its website after UCLA officials complained of a depiction of the Trojan mascot sticking a sword in the UCLA logo on a football field.
Meanwhile, at NCAA HQ, the nominations are in for the 2011 Woman of the Year and Arizona's Annie Chandler is one of the nine contenders for the prestigious award.
In men's hoop, incoming freshman forward Damiene Cain, has decided to forego playing collegiate basketball for the 2011 season in favor of pursuing his academic career. Cain averaged 14 points and 11 rebounds as a senior in high school.
Oregon State
In football, redshirt freshman Sean Mannion was named as the starting quarterback for the Beavers.
In football, Wazzu obliterated the UNLV Rebelse to improve to 2-0 overall on the season and received commitments from offensive linemen Fernando Villanueva, Eduardo Middleton and Sam Flor.
In soccer, Wazzu tied then seventh-ranked Virginia but lost to Central Florida to move to 4-2-1 overall on the season.
In volleyball, Wazzu defeated Sam Houston State to improve to 8-2 overall on the year.
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