The Palouse Park Bench - The Harsh Reality Of Life

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Ah yes, adulthood. You've really placed your cold, responsibility barring, bill paying, car maintaining, working hands firmly around my neck. After just a few months back in the real world in my dear old hometown of Seattle, I've been reminded of some reasons why I loved school. The utter lack responsibility, living on your own, dictating where you went and when you went there - and perhaps, something I undervalued all along - no Huskies. It's almost getting insufferable at this point. I usually don't wish too much ill will on Pac-10 teams, even the Montlake Mutts, but I really hope Sarkisian bolts for an NFL gig, Jake Locker tosses his Heisman hopes away with a five interception performance against Nebraska and Nick Holt finally pops that vein in his head that's just been praying to explode because of his "intensity".
But at the same time, I've wondered many times if I could in fact go back to school. At times, I think all of us wish we could recreate those epic nights on the Palouse when we woke up in an alley between a couple houses on Maple Street. We all miss it because it was arguably the greatest time of our lives. Where will I ever be able to walk into a bar with a pocket of crumpled singles and be perfectly happy all night? Nowhere.
Unfortunately, myself and many others left that life behind in May and we put it in our rearview mirrors forever. That's not to say I won't ever visit; I'll be back in town to watch the Cougars hopefully demolish Montana State on September 11th. But no matter how many trips you take back, it will never be the same as those four or five or six or seven years you spent in college. You now have a piece of paper that prevents you from ever returning to that mindset: your diploma.

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It stinks. A lot. I want to go back to that time of my life. It was the best ever. And it's made more difficult by the simple fact that college graduation might be the most jarring transition you go through ever; more so than marriage or fatherhood (not that I can attest to either). Think about it: you go from virtually no responsibility to having to take care of yourself completely. It's not easy, nor should it ever be.
To everyone that has graduated though, don't worry, it will get easier. You'll find that special someone, get hitched, have little rascals and by then, college will be far gone. "No way," you say "Never." Well, Uncle Michael has a harsh reality: you can never go back and have it be the same. Even then, in your heart of hearts, would you want to? Those years were incredibly special and you'd never retain the same reverence for them by trying to recreate them. It's like the latest installment of Indiana Jones: the others were pretty good flicks but the last one ruined the franchise for me. Stop while you're ahead. You're always welcome to visit Pullman, just don't try and go back. You know I'm right.
Besides, if you do try to recreate it, you might over-do it and end up in someone else's house, nude and getting in a three-point stance before getting tased by the police.
We'll finish up this week with high praise for the football team. All reports seem to indicate the squad has been working their collective butt off in practice and they've avoided the truly brutal injuries to starters they've had problems with in previous years (save for Jordan Pu'u-Robinson's torn ACL and Aaron Dunn's broken wrist). Photographic evidence would also seem to indicate the weight room has been in good use and the offensive line might actually look like a Pac-10 quality line.
Meanwhile, the freshman look ready to contribute already. John Fullington looks bigger than his listed 270 pounds and is pushing starters on the offensive line. Rickey Galvin is already making the cuts of a running back a couple years his senior. Perhaps best of all is wide out Marquess Wilson. He's making older defenders look foolish with his incredible agility. In the last scrimmage, he caught a ball in the flat and with three defenders closing, he stopped, cut a half step back, made one man miss, cut left, made the other two miss and scampered about 30 yards for the touchdown.
For the first time in a couple years, this actually looks like a Pac-10 team. Let's see if they can compete with the rest of the conference before all-important expansion next season.
Dunderhead of the Week: The woman on my flight down to San Francisco who sat in first class and when the person who actually had the seat arrived, she became outraged. When she produced her ticket to flight attendants, they instructed her to go to her seat near the back of the plane. She continued to insist her seat was in first class. The plane was delayed 10 minutes to sort this out. I can speak for everyone on flight 308 when I say: get in your seat and be as uncomfortable as the rest of us.
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