The Pres Palouse Park Bench - The More Things Stay The Same...

It's really nice to see that some things never do change. Tuesday evening, the Pullman City Council gave a resounding "no" vote to the implementation of the University District on College Hill. The city council said the plan became too vague after WSU president Elson S. Floyd presented the council with an empty box for suggestions a little over a month ago.
At Tuesday evening's city council meeting, there was a large contingent of students in attendance in support of creating the University District. They were mostly made up of rather ignorant and stupid freshman (glad I never was one) and the ASWSU folks who voted unanimously to support the district a few weeks ago. My impression is that they voted for it largely because nothing was in it so it meant….nothing.
As a note to you alumni returning for football weekends and such: this does not mean you can walk around with an open beer. That law still applies.
What surprises most about this decision on this topic is the drastically changing opinion of the ASWSU. Before the holidays, they were staunchly against voting for such a proposal. Perhaps it was the honey baked ham at Christmas or the heavy drinking of the New Year that changed their minds but the ASWSU had gone 180 degrees different on their opinion in January. What changed about the proposal was that it was essentially reduced to nothing for the city council to decide what happens and the ASWSU could just give it to them to figure it out.
Worse yet, the ASWSU Senate tried to take the city council to task a couple weeks back at a joint meeting when they said some houses on College Hill should be condemned and it's the city's fault for not inspecting them. When a senior member of the council expressed concern and asked for the addresses of the homes, the senators kind of mumbled that they couldn't remember. I'm sure you couldn't remember. I think a more likely explanation is they didn't want a city inspector discovering the horticultural activities going on in the basement. And when the ASWSU complained that the students couldn't be involved in the planning or running of College Hill, the city council reminded them there are a number of organizations that students can join.
I have one word for the ASWSU: owned. There was nothing you ever said that gave a compelling reason to create the district; you mainly liked it because you no longer had to worry about anything when Floyd presented the city council with an empty box. ASWSU president Brandon Scheller said the problems of College Hill won't go away and that the city council is counting on students to forget about the problems. So, essentially, Scheller is trying to blame the city council for something for which they should not be shouldering the blame because ASWSU essentially passed the buck. The city is perfectly well aware of the problems on College Hill, but they have the rest of the city to take care of and frankly they are going to worry about their full-time tax paying residents before they worry about a bunch of college students who are here for the drinking and sometimes school only eight months out of the year.
A round of applause is deserved for the Pullman City Council. Especially to esteemed mayor/professor/public address announcer/guy who has hair I'm jealous of - Glenn Johnson - for actually sitting through a bunch of these meetings and being able to stay diplomatic rather than letting loose of the fumes I knew that were bubbling inside. Well done, city council.
The students, for once, will stand up in a round of applause for the foresight to tell ASWSU to go back to the drawing board and actually bring them something substantial so they aren't wasting the council's valuable time.
Sunday morning was another day that was eventful at city hall where the Pullman Police are also positioned and where Cougar quarterback Marshall Lobbestael was found in a pick-up truck with a bag of upchuck between his feet. He has been charged with minor exhibiting signs of intoxication. Some advice for Ocho Rojo: don't bother hiring a good lawyer, a crappy state-appointed defense attorney can tear this one apart because it sounds pretty subjective and completely made up.
Last Week: 1-6
Overall: 41-26
My apologies to the WSU men's team for doubting they could win at Pauley. Although you can't blame me, the win moved their overall record at the home of the Bruins to a whooping 2-50.
And my apologies for getting the USC/UCLA and Cal/Stanford games backwards. I will add them both to the record next week.
Game of the weekend in the conference finds its rightful place on the Worldwide Leader and the Bruins should begin their slow march back to the top with this one.
UCLA 67, California 59
Stanford has almost nothing left to play for and USC needs to keep winning to make to the tournament. It's not hard to wonder who is more motivated.
USC 70, Stanford 60
I saw Arizona State wear the Huskies down too much for the purple and gold to overcome the hottest team in the conference.
Arizona 76, Washington 70
It's Senior Day. The motivation will be there. And if you can beat the Devils in Tempe, why not in Pullman?
Washington State 58, Arizona State 50
Here's a barnburner for you! Go Ducks! Why Ducks? With the Beavs ahead of WSU in the Pac-10, I need the Beavers to lose. Will they? Yes!
Oregon 68, Oregon State 58
(Giggles) Stanford is going to Arizona to close out the season? (Giggles) They are SO done.
Arizona State 75, Stanford 61
Down in Tucson though, this one is interesting. Arizona is coming together to push to the Big Dance and they always seem to play well at home.
Arizona 71, California 65
Upset Alert! Ha! Just kidding.
UCLA 76, Oregon State 56
Still no upset alert here. Oregon is terrible and USC remains a strong team.
USC 69, Oregon 47
Dunderhead of the Week: Yankees' third baseman Alex Rodriguez. He admits he's done using steroids, he's clean and will play the game the right way. Then gets a ride home from his first spring training game from the very cousin who supplied him with the banned substances. Well done, sir.
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