The Telepathic Tabernacle - Week 12

The nog continues to flow freely at the Telepathic Tabernacle headquarters - but the spigot closed a bit last week in the SU Division last week. Although the TeleTab continued their 2010 standard practice of being on fire in the Straight Up [SU] Division, a 2-2 record was the first time of the year that the Tab suffered two defeats in one week. The Week 11 numbers were not good because Wazzu upset Oregon State and Arizona could not manage to get a win over USC. Even Oregon and Stanford - the two locks of the week - had difficulties putting their opponents away until the last minutes of the fourth quarters in their games the Tab rolled through four of the five games like a hot knife through butter. Fortunately, because the Tab continues to be so smokin' hot in the first 11 weeks, the overall 2010 season percentage remained at a still-impressive 84% - above the gold standard of 80% that the Tab sets for the year - despite the .500 record of Week 11. The Tab began the week looking good in the Against The Spread [ATS] Division - correctly picking Wazzu to cover against Riley's Rodents - but that turned out to be the only victory that came the Tab's way [no thanks to Stanford's Anthony Wilkerson] as a 1-3 week dropped the Tab to a putrescent 34-30 record [53%] for the year in the ATS. Clearly, not up to gold standard [60%] snuff. Even the normally reliable Nikes choked last week, producing only a two-point win that was nowhere near enough to get the Gem of the Week - dropping the Tab to an overall 5-6 mark in Gems in 2010.
Week 12 is a light week that has Wazzu, Oregon and the Arizona schools taking the week off - leaving three games that nobody in their right minds would want to touch - even with the proverbial 39.5-foot pole. UCLA and Washington? No thank you. USC and Oregon State? Is that some type of humor device? So that leaves it up to the Big Game between Stanford and California. Normally, the Tab does not like to touch rivalry games for the very good reason that anything can happen in said games. That is certainly the case here - as California has been dominant in this rivalry recently [winning seven of the last eight] and has performed well at home [winning four of five this year] and needs two wins to get bowl eligible. All the reasons why the Tab is going to select Stanford to win and cover. The Trees do not need to win because they are already bowl eligible - which means they have the better team - and they have proven that they play well on the road with their senior-dominated roster and the Tab is not convinced that Brock Mansion is better than Kevin Riley. The Tab needs to get above .500 for the year and selects the Trees as the official Gem of the Week. The rest of this week's vile vixens of vivacity….
Washington over UCLA
Stanford over California
USC over Oregon State
Last Week: 2-2
Overall: 54-10
UW [-2] over UCLA
Stanford [-6.5] over Cal
USC [-3] over OSU
Last Week: 1-3
Overall: 34-30
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