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Wazzu Withstands Wildcat Assault

The trip to the desert has proven to be a good one for the Washington State University soccer team - two matches, two wins - but neither one of them were easy, especially not the win over Arizona. The Wildcats stifled the Cougars offensively but redshirt junior Mallory Fox was awarded a penalty kick late in the second half and connected to give Wazzu a 1-0 victory over the Wildcats in Tucson. With the win, the Cougars improve to 10-3-1 overall and 2-0-1 in conference play.
In the first half, Arizona dominated offensive play, holding the Cougars to only three shots while the Wildcats were able to fire off six shots of their own. None of the shots, however, found the back of the net and the teams entered the halftime break engaged in a 0-0 deadlock.
After 45 minutes of scoreless play, the Cougars and Wildcats battled for another 38 minutes of nil-nil action until - finally - redshirt junior Mallory Fox was awarded a penalty kick and put Wazzu on a happy flight home with a hard-fought 1-0 win over Arizona.
Though they did make somewhat of a stronger effort in the second half, the Cougars were put under serious pressure for the entire match and wound up being outshot by the Wildcats, 12-6.
Washington State University continues the 2009 season against Stanford at 3pm on Friday, October 23 at Cougarland Field in Pullman
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