WSU Regents approve $61M Football Operations Building

PULLMAN -- On Friday afternoon,
the Washington State University Board of Regents approved construction
of a brand new Football Operations Building to be located adjacent to
the recently renovated Martin Stadium on the west end of the field.
The new $61 million home for football will include coaches offices, training, equipment, weight, and locker rooms and is expected
to begin construction following the Apple Cup and to be completed in June
of 2014. 
After learning of the approval, Washington State athletic director Bill
Moos called the vote "game-changing" and explained it's importance for
the future of Washington State athletics.
"I am extremely excited about the Board of Regents approval of the
Football Operations Building," Moos said in a letter to Cougar
fans.  "This is a game-changing vote and I applaud the Regents for
their understanding it's impact of the future of Washington State
In a day where the Pac-12 is receiving money never seen before, many
programs are using this opportunity to improve their facilities to
increase recruiting potential and overall competitiveness on the
intercollegiate scale.  Moos has been adamant about moving quickly
and, in his words, "not get left behind" as the college football
landscape is quickly shaping up to be a battle of the riches. 
Today's vote mirrored that that work ethic.
"A significant part of our blueprint for creating a competitive and
sustainable intercollegiate athletic program centers around facility
enhancements and a football operations building is the top of the
list."  Moos said.  "Our football student-athletes spend six
days a year in Martin Stadium but they spend six days a week in the
weight room, locker room, training room, and coaches' offices."
To read the full transcript of Moos'
letter to students, fans and alumni you can access it
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The WSU Regents, who unanimously approved the project, cited many
reasons for their cooperation, but one of the most important benefits of the building has been
largely dismissed throughout the process.  WSU Regent Ron Sims
acknowledged that there is a number of safety concerns that a football
operations building will help alleviate.
"As a parent, if my child is going to compete in intercollegiate
athletics, I want a facility where we are able to maximize his
strength, stamina, recovery, flexibility, every aspect of his
well-being," Sims said
an interview with WSU News.
This project will most likely be the final phase in Martin Stadium's
three-phase renovations.  Prior to the season, the school
completed a $65 million press box with premium seating.  The
majority of the funding for the project will come from the Pac-12
television contract.
"The table is now set for success: a high quality national coach of the
year is at the helm; the athletic donor base is at an all-time high and
continues to grow; season ticket sales are the highest they have been
in 10 years; and the new premium seating area is complete and nearly
sold out," Moos said.
The complete proposal, including
visuals of the building, finances, etc., in a PDF can be accessed
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